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Flagler Beach is Calling You Home
Gently rolling waves deliver soft white foam upon the sandy shores of Flagler Beach. Here, the seagulls gather in hopes of finding hidden treasures within its depths. Flagler Beach in the morning is a paradise all its own. With many miles of pristine shoreline to explore, it’s likely that lots of other treasures can be uncovered here as well, like a sighting of... the whales that migrate to these warm, protected waters to give birth each year.

Venturing offshore uncovers even more abundance, with a history rich in everything from pottery to plantations. The presence of fiber-tempered pottery in this area, dating from 2000 B.C. to about 500 A.D., gave claim to the Orange period, an era that left us with a variety of interesting pottery pieces on display in the area museum, as well as an orangey hue along the shore from the bountiful crushed coquina shells. The intrigue continues with unearthed evidence of early Native American Indian life, and then travels across the years to a captivating history of the many plantations that graced Flagler County in centuries past. Royalty didn’t pass us by either, as an exiled Russian prince found his wife here, making her a princess and their 1,500 acre preserve in northern Flagler County fittingly became known as Princess Place. The county’s oldest intact structure still stands there.

Trivett Homes invites you to explore all of Flagler County and our own solidly built, high quality homes! You may also be interested in the surrounding areas of St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Volusia County, and St. Johns County. Wherever you choose, we’re here to help you begin your own history of gracious living amidst the warm ocean breezes.

No, this beautiful home actually isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting. But the essence of serene beauty captured in his typical paintings flows throughout this setting and the “Tessa”. This recently built Tessa model by Trivett Homes graced the November cover of Homes & Land Magazine. With a sea of cookie-cutter designed homes throughout Florida neighborhoods, it’s refreshing to find a design that speaks of a cozy, country charm; one that compels you to experience the kind of slo...w, rocking-chair afternoon that beckons you from the Tessa.

If you can easily imagine yourself relaxing on the front porch of your own custom-finished Tessa home, look into the land and lot offerings that you’ll find under Available Now within our website, trivetthomes.com. We can also use our many resources to find other land and lots throughout a large part of Florida, including St. Augustine and St. Johns County, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and all of Volusia County, as well as Palm Coast and Flagler County.

While you’re on our site, look at the other home models we offer at Trivett Homes. Each one has its own unique personality. But don’t let the obvious pastoral charm of our homes keep you from looking into the solid, high quality construction inherent in each one of them. At Trivett Homes, we pride ourselves on building with only the best materials. Our desire is for your new home to provide you with a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction!
So, take your time, look through all of our models, and pick out the one that’s perfect for you. (And you may want to go ahead a pick out some rocking chairs too.)