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Frequently asked Questions

What part of a new home can I customize?
Like with every new home, you can choose your color patterns and flooring selections, but Trivett Homes goes the extra mile by offering even more customizable options for our home buyers. There are several parts of our new homes that can be “personalized”, including variations of the kitchen layout, the master bath layout and some of the main living areas.

Can you help with the home loan?
Trivett Homes can oversee the whole process from start to finish. We can help obtain either a construction-to-permanent loan or a conventional end loan. We have several lenders through our partnered mortgage company that work with us to make the loan process smooth and easy.

Can I make changes along the way?
We are here to build the home that you want and can be proud of, but this is a huge investment and we understand that people don’t always make ideal design decisions at the front end. So, yes, you can make changes along the way.

Do you offer remodeling ideas for kitchens?
Trivett Homes will work with customers to remodel anything from kitchens to baths to entire homes.

Can I furnish you with my own house plans?
We do build custom homes and if your house plans meet some important criteria, we can work with them. We must first make sure we are legally allowed to build the home; that there haven’t been any copyright infringements. We must also make sure the plans were legally obtained/purchased if they were pulled from a plan book. If the plans are purchased and all copyrights cleared, we can then build from them to meet current codes.

Will you help me find the lot for my new house?
We maintain an inventory of beautiful, construction-ready lots at all times. Also, if there is a particular area that appeals to you, we have several contacts to help find just the right lot there for your new home.

How will I know if my renovations meet code standards?
The permits won’t be issued unless they meet codes and requirements, and since we can’t work without a permit, you can be sure everything will meet standards before we begin.