386-313-6742        9 Pheasant Dr. Palm Coast, FL.

-Jade and Cory S.

My husband and I are living the American Dream as we raise our family in a beautiful home. Trivett Homes is who made that dream come true.

   Working with Bo Trivett and his team was an absolute pleasure. They were there to answer all our questions we had. (Which were more than plenty.) Whether it be a phone call extra late in the day or through text message for our convenience, they were there. Throughout the entire home building process we were able to see consistent progress being made in adequate time.

   We enjoyed being able to pick and choose custom options and even tweak the layout that makes our home custom and perfect for US! We love our light fixtures, counters, cabinets, colors and much, much more!! Trivett homes uses local businesses to build/fill your home! Nothing could be more comforting going through the home building process knowing that the assets of your home are able to be seen/touched before you choose them, not just through a catalog!

   Above all, Trivett Homes provides a great service that will fulfill your needs/wants and dream with a high quality built, forever home! 

-Lynne and Andre' B.

Our #1 job is to make our customers happy and it's so nice to get a card from them not only thanking us for their beautiful home but also considering us friends.  Thanks Lynne and Andre' B. for the sweet card and allowing us to build your home!  We are so happy that you're happy!


-Thomas D.

Having decided to build on my lot in Palm Coast in mid – 2013, I then spent the better part of a year meeting and speaking with building contractors in the Palm Coast/Flagler County area.  It wasn’t until around April 2014 when I met Bo Trivett of Trivett Homes that I finally felt I had met a contractor that I could work with.

Working with Bo was truly a pleasure as he was attentive to my every need and very open to all the changes I wanted to make to the original home plans.

I am extremely pleased with the results and the cooperation Bo and his team showed me. I received a quality residence that suits my needs which was and is very important to me as I head into retirement.

Anyone interested in building a home in the near future should take the time to reach out to Trivett Homes and meet with Bo and his team.


-Lisa and Bobby B.

If you would have told me a year ago I would be living in a custom built home for me, I would not have believed you. I know our dream of owning a custom home would not have come true if it were not for Bo, and Trivett Homes.

From beginning to end, Bo and his team worked tirelessly with me to make sure everything was just the way I wanted it. Even with all of my OCD tendencies of making sure everything is seamless, they showed understanding and caring for my wants and needs. One story I tell to everyone is when we were looking at paint for the outside of our home.

My husband and I had chosen some green samples from Lowes that we really liked. I was 100% sure I found what would look great on our house. Just before they went to order the paint, someone said to me that I should get a little bit painted on the outside before we made our final decision. I let the office know and they kindly picked up three different color samples and had a small section painted with them. They were ALL NOT what I expected. I called in a panic thinking I missed the chance to change my mind and when they answered the phone they patiently said, “Lisa, we will not paint any color you are not 100% in love with. If it takes painting 10 colors so you can LOVE it that is exactly what we will do.” That night I picked out one more green and went straight to the house and tried it out.

Ultimately, that was the color we choose, and I am thankful they took the time to do something so little and inconvenient, but made all the difference in the world. One other thing that sets Trivett Homes apart from other builders is that they are all hands on. You have an owner, not just employees, who are highly involved in everyday tasks and doesn’t hesitate picking up the phone at 7 at night to answer your questions.

Everyone at Trivett truly cares about their product and they each put their heart and soul into it. Above all else, Trivett Homes uses LOCAL people/workers from start to finish. They are putting your money right back into your community, which just takes it to another level other builders don’t reach.